Seven Factors That Determines the Price of Exterior Visualization

For any real estate development project, the quality of its exterior visualization is crucial. Poorly-rendered CGI will not deliver benefits to the company as expected. Unfortunately, visualization projects can be costly. To make their investment worthwhile and efficient, companies need to arrange a strategy for getting their property visualized.

Below are the factors that determine the price of architectural visualization. Consider them while strategizing your company's next architectural visualization project:


Images and videos of any visualization project are rendered scene by scene. Thus, the more scenes that are rendered, the higher the cost of the visualization project will be. If you wish to show off every corner and side of your project’s exterior, make sure a available budget available to do so.

Companies with tight budgets can set priorities on which part of the building to visualize. Choose angles that effectively highlight the most important parts of the property. A few great images are much better for a company than having plenty of images with varying quality due to lackluster visualization or unflattering angles.

2.Design Complexity

The more complex the design of a project, the more tasks your visualizers will need to perform, resulting in a higher visualization cost. Through this logic, we can understand how visualizing a small house would be easier and cheaper than rendering a city hospital.

Unfortunately, design complexity is one visualization factor that is rather hard to compromise to optimize a budget. One cannot simplify the 3D modeling because it will result in an inaccurate exterior visualization. If the your company has a tight budget but also has a project with a large size or complex design, the design complexity of the visualization should not be compromised—rather it would be wise to see budget optimization elsewhere.

3.Project Duration

It takes time to render an exterior visualization. Most professional 3D artists will provide a reliable schedule of when they will finish the project. If you project has significant time constraints, you can always ask your visualizer for a shorter timeline.

However, such a request will come at slights costs. Either you will have lower quality on your CGI renderings, or you will need to pay extra to get the best quality work within a short timeframe.

A professional renderer may reject a request for low-quality work. They might, however, add more members to their teams to execute the rendering faster. Alternatively, they may work extra hours to deliver the results sooner without recruiting extra staff. Both methods will require the visualization team to add extra cost to the project which will be added to the cost of the contract.

4.Skill and Expertise

The quality of any visualization determines its effectiveness when helping companies reach their business goals. To get high-quality images, one must hire a visualization team with experience and a high skill level. Of course, a higher but worthwhile cost will also come along with highly skilled and experienced visualizers.

To optimize your investment for any exterior visualization, you should review the portfolio of all the 3D artists you consider hiring. Evaluate their skills and see if they are worth the price they set. If the most skilled visualizer is too expensive for your company's budget, you can opt for the second-best amongst all the candidates.


It is not easy to build a reputation in the architectural visualization industry, especially nowadays as the competition amongst architectural visualization companies is getting tighter. If you manage to find a popular visualization company with a stellar reputation, it likely that this company will higher prices than other visualization companies.

Companies with an unproven reputation are not always bad. They could be skillful and professional as well. However, hiring them would be measured risk. If you choose higher a less reputable company at a more affordable rate, you should anticipate problems like poor communication, delayed schedules, or other unexpected hindrances. To anticipate such issues, make sure to arrange your contract as clearly as possible.

6.Customized Elements

A 3D visualization company with a lot of experience usually has stocks of template elements such as textures, lights, and components. Using these templates can save time and money on the project. At the same time, however, these templates could also make your property CGI less unique.

Some property development companies ask for customized elements for the sake of authenticity. For the added labor put into these requests, the cost of the visualization contract will go up.

Using template elements is not a bad idea. Your exterior visualization will not look too common if it has a unique architectural design. If your visualizer has a large stock of templates, each element has a lower chance of reappearing resulting in a visualization that still feels unique.

7.Extra Features

Extra features refer to things that are not always included in an exterior visualization project contract. Some examples are a bird’s-eye view animation, a complete and accurate surrounding environment in the scene, or an interactive visualization. These things can significantly boost the effectiveness of your exterior visualization.

These extra features are not easy things to execute. A 3D rendering team will require extra labor paired with experience and skills to accomplish these tasks. Therefore, extra features like these are generally expensive. Companies with limited budgets may want to reconsider before requesting extra features.

Having a high budget does not guarantee effective results. On the contrary, low budget visualizations can bring huge benefits to businesses. It is all a matter of strategy. The key is to define which factors are a priority, and which are possible to compromise on.

If you are not sure how to arrange an exterior visualization project, try discussing it with your prospective 3D visualizers. If they are professionals, they will most likely have some useful suggestions for the project.